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Announcements for Uttar Pradesh, upgradation of Ram Van Gaman Marg

We are approving the upgradation of the Ram Van Gaman Marg, a 258km stretch of road, from a 2-lane to a 4-lane thoroughfare. The expansion project will commence from the Chitrakoot side, with an additional allocation of ₹5000 Cr set aside for a 121km long 4-lane expansion between Kaushambi and Chitrakoot.

In order to address issues of traffic congestion, we are also planning to construct three 4-lane bypasses – a 15km bypass in Chitrakoot at a cost of ₹200 Cr, a 15km bypass in Atarra, and an 18km bypass in Mahoba.

Furthermore, we have sanctioned the development of a 70km layout on NH-76E, between Prayag and Mirzapur, into a 4-lane highway. This expansion will significantly enhance the speed and convenience of travel for commuters.

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